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I hatch various breeds of chickens, ducks, and guineas. I have them all listed below.Meat BirdsRed Broilers $1.90eaBlack Broiler $1.90eaGrey Broilers $1.90eaLayersGolden Sexlink Red Sexlink $2.30ea for femalesRhode Island Red $1.90eaNew Hshire Red $1.90eaDelaware $1.90eaDucksKhaki Cbell $4.24eaGuineasFrench $3.98eaBantamsWhite Silkie $3.00eaI hatch and ship weekly. ALL of the breeds I listed ab...
CHICKENS5 month old pullets 15$ a piece 3 month old pullets 10$ a piece Deal if you buy all that I have available at that time-Barred rock- Rhode Island Red- Buff OrphingtonBantam mix chicks sometimes available also 4.00 a piece. DUCKS 1 male and 2 female Pekin ducks 60$ for the pair 4 months old 1 male and 1 female mallard 45$ for the pair 3 months old straight run khaki ducks 15$ a piece Indi...
I have a homade chicken pentractor for 30$. I also have 4 Pallet roosting huts for 15$ a peace.
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Grain bins

Grain Bins in good shape...previously used for chicken house operation. Everything still in tact. Ready to go. No reasonable offer will be refused. Call or text Carlos
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