Drum Workshop set consisting of 22 x 20 Bass , 13 x 10 mounted tom and 16 x 15 floor tom. Azure white covering and 1998 model. Drums are kept in controlled temperature and are in good shape. 1998 Collectors edition . 2 drums are signed by the President and VP and owners of Drum Workshop. Gold plated hardware. DW stand for 2 toms and 1 cymbal as shown.
Used Vision Maple Export drum set. Drums are red sparkle and include 22 bass drum,10, 12 and 16 floor tom. Hardware and cymbals are not included
Vintage Sunn Solarus Amp, recently revived and placed into service Vintage tone and 40 watts of pure 60s vibe heaven. 2 New Celestion 12 speakers add to the clear tone. Vibrato and reverb not functioning...use some fx pedals
1997 Squier Standard Stratocaster made in Mexico. Guitar has had the pickups swapped for 2018 VMOD Pickups in January 2019. The guitar is 22 years old. So it has a natural relic look and old wood as well if thats your thing. Guitar looks excellent for its age. No cracks in neck pocket, no buckle rash. You really dont see a lot of these in lefty and if you do they look rough. These guitars have ...